Spend your time actively in Corsica

Corsica with its wonderful landscapes and infrastructure is a perfect place for the people willing to have active vacations. This island will provide you with various opportunities to have an amazing time here and not get bored.

Yachting in Corsica

You can easily imagine the wonderful beauty of the waters surrounding Corsica to be a perfect place for yachting. While it is a wonderful experience to explore the island on foot, it is even more pleasurable to watch its beauty from the see.

Corsica will provide you with various opportunities for renting a boat for as long as you want and sail around the island visiting its bays, diving and snorkelling sites, spot the sea life of the island, especially various species of dolphins and visiting picturesque towns which hardly can be reached by ground. By the way, whales are also spotted around Corsica.

Hiking in Corsica

You might be not aware of this fact unless you are a real fan of hiking that Corsica has really beautiful hiking trails and actually one of the most picturesque trails in the world is located on this island. The trail that is so well-known in the world is GR20 and fortunately, it is not necessarily difficult for hiking.

To be precise, a great part of the natural sites of Corsica are covered with amazing hiking trails and they are featured with their very unique landscape of a mixture of impressive rocks and old villages.

Attend one of the fantastic festivals

It might not be known around the world, yet, Corsica is the place offering a lot of great opportunities to true music lovers. There is a number of fantastic festivals organised in here with a variety of amazing concerts and art exhibitions.  For instance, in August, you will have a chance to attend a Latin festival, while in July, you will have a chance to enjoy a massive festival of electronic music mixed with exhibitions of digital arts. Needless to say, they are creating a perfect combination for real devoteesof art.

In addition to it, there are curious events organised for those willing to explore food. For example, A Fiera di U Casgiu which is a large fair of local products and especially cheese held in May. Finally, U Vinu is a special holiday of wines which you can visit in Luri in July.

Walk through the ancient towns and learn the history

Needless to say, Corsica being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most important destinations for everyone interested in European history. Even if you are not exactly one of these enthusiasts, you will still have an amazing time strolling around the ancient towns with their magnificent architecture surrounded by unique natural landscapes.