Night-time shopping in Corsica

If you have already travelled the world a bit, you might have had visited certain destinations where you should be rather careful about shopping since stores of any kinds there were closed pretty early. This is not the case of Corsica which has many locations offering night-time shopping. Many of these places are actually combining amazing entertainment with shopping until late hours.

If you are interested in such an experience, this article will provide you with some ideas about the locations where you can enjoy this type of shopping.


Saint-Cyprien is a fishing village that is located in the southern part of Corsica and it is very popular for its particular laid-back atmosphere. This place is great for everyone who would like to spend their days actively and earmark evenings for walks around the town and shopping. This is possible in Saint-Cyprien since here the most intense shopping starts after 7 pm.

You will utilise the time even more, if you happen to be in Saint-Cyprien at this time on July Fridays. This is the time when a number of artisans are delighted to offer their handcrafted jewellery as well as delicious foods such as pastries and cakes to the visitors. In addition to it, you will find temporary tattoo masters here who are able to create wonderful ornaments on your skin.

Yet, the best experience is offered by the live music performed on the streets of Saint-Cyprien during this time which will offer you a wonderful experience.

The exact address of the place where you will get the maximum entertainment in Saint-Cyprien is  D668 Saint Cyprien, 20137 Lecci.

Other places with night shopping

Although night shopping is not available everywhere around Corsica, there several places where you can really expect this sort of experience.

For instance, it is very popular in Porto-Vecchio, which is one of the major destinations in Corsica for fashion shopping. This place has numerous stores, which will meet expectations of any visitor whether one is looking for designer’s fashion, popular labels or something absolutely one-of-kind created by local artisans.

Ajaccio is one more places to enjoy night shopping and it is especially recommended for the tourists willing to get Corsican souvenirs, jewellery and home décor made of corals which is a very traditional art of the island.

Needless to say, there are many places in Corsica worth exploring and the island is a paradise for shopping.