The street food of Corsica

Needless to say, every country has its own cuisine and also, its own street food. When you will be visiting Corsica, you will have a chance not only to explore the local culinary delicacies but also the popular street food. Actually, the food available outside in Corsica is absolutely worth your attention and it differs from the popular street food of many other European places.


In all likelihood, you have come across quiches in your country as well since this dish is extremely popular today and they have spread all around the world.

If you still have not tasted quiches, you should know these are salty pies with a rich filling such as meat, cheese, various vegetables and brisè pasta. Quiches are sold in slices.

You should certainly taste this dish while being in Corsica even if you have already tried this dish somewhere else. The dish is a part of traditional French cuisine, so you will be able to check its genuine version while staying in Corsica.


Crepes is a popular type of French street food which can be found in different versions. Yet, the most basic division of this dish is into sweet crepes and salty ones. Corsica also loves this dish and sweet crepes here are popular for breakfast and also as a snack, while salty crepes are more frequently chosen for lunch.


Bastilles are a type of delicious salty cakes with a very strong taste. You certainly should try this dish while visiting Corsica although you should be prepared to not being able to finish the dish as it might seem to you too salty. The crucial ingredients of bastilles are spinach, onion and brocciu. The latter on is a traditional Corsican cheese produced of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk.


Even though you might expect anything authentic from pancakes, the Corsican ones are pretty unique. First of all, they are made of the chestnut flour. They are also filled with chestnuts and another crucial ingredient of this dish is brocciu which has already been described above.

Corsicans usually enjoy such pancakes in the morning.

Tarte au brocciu

As you have already noticed, brocciu is extremely popular in Corsica. Yet, all of the dishes we have already described  are salty dishes with brocciu, whereas this cheese is also added to sweet food as well.

A great example of such a dish is tarte au brocciu which is one more popular type of the street food of Corsica. This is a cake made with a sweet cream based on brocciu.

As you can see, there are a couple of curious dishes of the Corsican street food which you will certainly like.

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