Do not make this mistakes while planning your trip to Corsica

Corsica is a popular tourist destination, however, many tourists are not aware of some details regarding this island and make some typical mistakes which do not let them enjoy their trip to a full extent. It is not surprising that many people have their own vision of this island which might not necessarily be true. When a trip is planned according to such a vision, it might need many improvements. This article will help you to make the most of your stay.

Refusing from renting a car

Renting a car during holidays is a popular choice among tourists. Of course, whether it is a good idea or not depends on the exact place of your stay. When it comes to Corsica, you will be able to enjoy your trip a way more if you choose a car over a bus.

In fact, relying on public transport in Corsica might be a bad idea. First of all, in many small tourist towns and villages it is not available at all. When it comes to larger towns, even though there is such a form of transportation, it is still far from perfect. The Corsican public transport is busses in the first place and, unfortunately, they are featured by a rather irregular schedule which might make planning your trips and explorations of the surroundings rather challenging.

Other forms of ground transportation you can find here is The Trinicellu. This is a special gauge railway which connects Calvi and the northwest part of Bastia as well as Ajaccio. Even though it is possible to travel around the island by this train, it will still be easier for you to explore Corsica by car, especially since a great part of your exploration will be focused on visiting nearby villages.

What you should know about travelling around Corsica by car is that you will need to wear a seatbelt, drive your car on the right-hand side of the road. it is also crucial to have all of your documents during a ride.

Relying on navigation

Needless to say, using navigation is a way easier than relying on a paper map. Some people, especially of the younger generations might not even be thus well-acquainted with maps and find using them challenging. Yet, if you come to Corsica, it is highly recommended to bring maps with you, especially if you are going to explore the island by car.

The first reason for it is the fact there are many rural and scenic areas around Corsica where you will simply struggle with getting a proper Internet signal. You can imagine how frustrating it can be to have your phone losing charge with the speed of light while it is trying to maintain the Internet connection and keep on the navigation app running.

Another crucial reason to bring maps of the island is the fact there are many narrow rural track located in mountains which can be picked by your navigation programme and you might have hard times if the app leads you to such areas.

Finally, the signs on the roads of Corsica are made in two languages. Still, none of them is English as the languages used on the island are Corsican and French. Furthermore, many vandals are doing their best to cover the French signs with paint, so your task to understand your route might be especially challenging.

Coming during a chilly season without proper clothes

Another popular mistake made by many tourists is not taking clothes adequate to the temperature of the island.

Indeed, Corsica has a climate which is a way warmer than it is the northern locations of Europe. Still, it does not mean there is summer all year round on the island. Actually, during winter it can be rather chilly and it is better to bring some warm clothes. The drop in the temperatures starts around October and you certainly should not count on sunbathing in January. Of course, the temperatures will hardly be freezing, yet, if you pack for your trip in the same way you pack for your summer holidays, you might be surprised in a rather negative way.

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  1. I think it would also be a good idea to rent a motorcycle in Corsica instead of a car. Of course, if you have small luggage

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