The dishes you absolutely must trying while staying in Corsica

We have already told you a bit about the traditional cuisine of Corsica mentioning not only its local delicacies but also typical street food. Of course, depending on the time you are going to stay on your vacation, you might not be able to taste all of these dishes. That is why, if the time you are going to spend here is quite limited, you might find this suggestions for the food to try in Corsica quite useful.

Check this list of foods to try in Corsica and do not miss any of them.

Meat and cheese

Here you will find the most traditional types of meat and cheese in Corsica.


Brocciu is possibly the most popular cheese of Corcisa which is produced of a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk. This cheese is tender and similar to ricotta. Its typical colour is white.

Brocciu can be found in a variety of dishes including lasagne and soups as well as sweet cakes filled with brocciu.


When it comes to the traditional appetizers typical for Corsica, you should try charcuterie. The appetizer is a mix of various meats such as sausages made with wine and pork liver, a pork filet under a later of fat as well as a special type of ham which is dehydrated for eighteen months prior to being consumed.

Popular seafood dishes

Needless to say, there is a strong tradition of eating fish in Corsica and here you can find the most traditional ways of consuming such dishes.


When it comes to the most unique soup of Corsica you should certainly try when you are here, it is bouillarbasse.

Bouillarbasse is a fish soup, yet, it is not a regular one. It has a variety of curious ingredients such as gurnard tube, scorpionfish and surmullet. The soup is usually served with a special sauce called rouille. this sauce is made of olive oil, chili pepper, breadcrumbs and saffron.

Grilled fish and seafood

Grilled fish and seafood are extremely popular in Corsica. Here, you can find various types of such dishes, however, the most popular ones are shrimps, shellfishes, swordfish and shrimps.

Meat dishes

The most traditional meat dishes you should try in Corsica are Civet de Sanglier and Veau aux olive. The first one is the meat of a wild boar cooked with chestnuts, carrots with the addition of garlic, onion and fennel. The second dish is lamb meat cooked in a particular slow way for making its taste richer. A cruacial ingredient of this dish is olive oil.

Fiadone, the traditional dessert

The most typical dessert in Corsica is fiadone which is a cake filled with the mixture of lemon and brocciu.