The best shopping experience in Corsica for clothes and accessories

Besides its fantastic architecture and magnificent landscapes, Corsica is also a wonderful destination for shopping and it is offering a variety of options for those who would like to get some fashionable clothes, accessories, shoes or jewellery.

There are two major ways to get the best shopping experience in Corsica which will depend on your own preferences. The island has a lot of places where you can get perfect designer’s goods and it also has a variety of shopping facilities for everyone who is interested in handcrafted pieces of fashion. Regardless of your preferences, you will certainly find something special on the island to add to your wardrobe.

Mind-blowing shops of Porto-Vecchio

Porto-Vecchio is the part of the island that is absolutely perfect for everyone who is into fashion. That is so since it will provide you with a variety of shopping experiences. Here you will find absolutely anything you want.

The beautiful old town of Porto-Vecchio is filled with large fashion labels as well as the shops offering a variety of handcrafted jewellery, clothes and accessories. In addition to it, there are many shops offering exclusive items for interior design that you might also love.

One of the most amazing advantages of Porto-Vecchio is the town’s night-shopping that is organised during summer months. This is an immense experience you cannot miss while you are visiting Corsica.

Calvi and hippie-chic shopping

The best places to explore fashion in Calvi are Avenue Cristophe Colomb, Boulevard Wilson and Rue Clémenceau. These are the streets where you will find the best shopping options in Calvi, which has its unique holiday atmosphere in the bohemian style.

There are many stores offering designer’s products whereas you will also be able to find multiple places to shop for handcrafted goods especially for home decor. Calvi is known for its blow glass accessories and decorations made of olive wood. On top of that, here you will find perfect shopping facilities offering natural essential oils.

Coral handmade crafts of Ajaccio

Corsica is famous for its tradition of using corals as a material for jewellery and decoration for other accessories and such goods as tableware and knives. While you can find goods of such a type all around Corsica, Ajaccio is a particularly good destination for shopping if you are interested in coral bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Ajaccio is also a perfect place for everyone who is willing to earmark evenings for shopping since its stores are open until midnight. This is very convenient if you are going to Corsica to have a rich programme of activities during the day, so that you can spend the night looking around the shops.