The best towns of Corsica to go on a foodie shopping frenzy

If you have explored our previous articles, you certainly had a chance to see the options that will be perfect for the tourists looking for some unique apparel and accessories. This time we would like to speak about the locations on the island which will be ideal for those who would like to get something delicious.

Haute-Corse meeting all your shopping expectations

If you are one of the foodies visiting Corsica and willing to get a piece of this island home with its delicacies, you might be interested in visiting Haute-Corse. This place has collected numerous stores run by traditional cheesemongers, wine and spirit makers as well as greengrocers. Here you will be able to find absolutely anything you liked of the Corsican cuisine most of all.

In addition to it, the town is filled with small and quiet cafes and it is still providing its visitors with a great fashion shopping experience. Here you will be able to find both large labels and the fashion items created by local artisans.

Friday market in Corte

If you happen to be in Corte on Friday, especially in the morning, go to the Tuffelli car part that is located nearby the main town road. This is the best time to get your fresh groceries and local delicacies straight from their manufacturers. The market is a partciularly good place for getting vegetables, fruits, cheese and cold meat.

Corte also has several nice places to shop for home décor and fashion items including such amazing boutiques as Poterie Leonelli and Granaghu.

Propriano and its Tempi Fà

Tempi Fà which literally stays for „from times gone by” in Corsican is one of the most enjoyable places to shop for your groceries in entire Corsica.

This is indeed a unique place. The shop is located at 7 Avenue Napoléon III, 20110 which is on the main street of Propriano and it is also by the sea offering its visitors a wonderful view. Actually, you will have an amazing opportunity to enjoy that view since the grocery store also has a beautiful canteen on its premises where you can enjoy some dishes.

One of the most appealing features of this store is its interior design imitating an old village. That is actually the reason for its name. At the same time, the place has a great offer of delicious local products, which of course includes cheese and cold meat. In addition to it, you will have a wonderful choice of homemade jams and biscuits as well as spirits, primarily brandies and liquors. The store is also known for a selection of the best Corsican liquors.

U Chiurlinu in Furiani

Furiani is known for an incredible grocery shopping experience offered by its U Chiurlinu in Furiani. This is a particularly perfect location for anyone staying in Borgo, Bastia, Lucciana or Borgo, however, if you just happen to be nearby, you absolutely should come here and give a try to a variety of local good of the highest quality.

U Chiurlinu in Furiani is offering a variety of jams, honey, vegetables, fruits, cold meats, cheese and alcohol, especially local wine. The store has arrangements with local farmers and manufacturers who are supplying it with the best products.

By the way, if you are planning to visit this place, make sure you try the homemade ice cream sold here. Freshly squeezed juice is another wonderful treat you should taste here.

U Chiurlinu in Furiani is located under the following address: Route de la Langune LD Camera, Chemin de Marana.