The best shopping experience in Corsica

Corsica is a popular destination among the travellers interested in the rich culture of this island as well as among those who adore its beautiful nature and architecture. There are also many devotees of hiking attracted by Corsica and the individuals crazy about yachting. Finally, Corsica is also popular among the tourists looking for some wine-tasting experience during their holidays.

Yet, Corsica is also a wonderful place to go shopping and there is a whole variety of goods you can find here.

What Corsica is offering?

First of all, Corsica is a wonderful spot where you can go shopping for the items of art and craft. It does not matter whether you are more interested in pieces of fashion or décor for the interior design as here you will find both. Needless to say, it is perfect for you if you are looking for absolutely unique items that cannot be purchased anywhere else. Corsica is particularly known for its handcrafted jewellery, pottery, knives and tableware as well as sculptures made with glassblowing.

Secondly, there are quite a lot of places where you can get designer’s clothes. There are entire areas of small Corsica towns occupied by numerous shops with designer’s clothes.

Finally, Corsica is a paradise for foodies and you do not necessarily have to go to restaurants to have a taste of this island. There are markets and shops where you get access to fresh delicacies made in Corsica as well as a wide range of alcohols of the highest quality produced locally.

For fashion devotees

There are several wonderful places you can go in Corsica if you would like to find some exclusive clothes, accessories, jewellery or shoes.

Porto-Vecchio is one of the places that will offer you immense shopping experience due to its variety of facilities starting from traditional markets and shops with handcrafted goods up to high-fashion labels. It is also a great place to get new perfume and look for some interior design decor. By the way, Porto-Vecchio is known for its night shopping during the summer, which is a unique and enjoyable experience.

Ajjacio will also provide you with late-evening shopping experience since its shops get closed only after midnight. At the same time, this town is presumably the best place for everyone interested in the traditional Corsican art of making jewellery of local corals.

Calvi is also great for both hunting for designer’s labels and handmade artisan accessories and home decorations.

For foodies

If your primary goal for shopping is getting something delicious, you should pay your attention to Haute-Corse. This is a destination known for its traditional food manufacturers and is great especially if you would like to buy some local cheese, spirits or wine. You can also find many general greengrocery stores here. Still, the place is also filled with other shopping facilities and when you are done with exploring the amazing Corsican cuisine, you certainly should go to one of the fashion stores or shops offering artisan’s decor.

One of the best grocery-shopping experiences is offered by the Friday market organised in the morning in Corte. Here, you will have a chance to get your fresh goods manufactured locally including not only delicious cold meats and cheese, but also vegetables and fruit.

Whether you are staying in Propriano or not, you certainly should pay a visit to Tempi Fà which is one of the most famous grocery stores in Corsica. There are several reasons for it. Undeniably, the major one is a gigantic selection of handmade local products which goes beyond traditional cheese and cold meat including, biscuits, cookies, jams, liquors and brandy. Furthermore, the place has a fantastic canteen on its premises with a beautiful view over the sea. Finally, the décor of this store itself makes it a place worth visiting as it is imitating an old village with its interior design.