Delicious gifts to bring home from Corsica

If you are already in Corsica, you might be wondering about the gifts you can purchase for your family and friends. A great thing about Corsica is the fact this island is producing various delicious products specific to this area which can easily be taken home. This means you can find a variety of delicious foods to pick as gifts for the people waiting for you at home.

Yummy local products are actually regarded as the best souvenir from travelling destinations. Even though such gifts will certainly not last for a long time, they will be a way more useful and pleasurable than kitschy  magnets, mugs and T-Shirt.

Consider such a possibility and check this article which will provide you with great ideas for food to buy in Corsica.

Olive Oil

Even though there is a lot of controversy about whether olive oil actually belongs to the Mediterranean diet and whether there is actually one pattern of eating which can be called the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is still a delicious product with health benefits and there is no better place for shopping for it than the area when it is produced.

If you have already been using olive oil cooking, you are certainly aware of the fact there is a great variety of olive oil on the market including the ones which cannot be heated up and therefore are not suitable for frying and baking while there are more universal refined versions. In  addition to it, there is a wide choice of modified oils with various additives such as truffles, spices, garlic and many other ingredients added in order to enrich the taste of the oil.

As you can imagine, it will be sensible to buy olive oil to those of your friend sand relatives who enjoy cooking and you might be interested in getting a bottle for yourself.


Providing you are in Corsica now, in all likelihood, you know what brocchiu is and have already tasted it. Brocchiu is one of the most popular and typical types of cheeses produced and used in Corsica.

Brocchiu is simply delicious as it has a rich aroma and flavour which is milky and sweet and particularly distinctive. At the same time, this cheese is particularly high in fat with the amount of this nutrient reaching 50% of the mass of the product.

In Corsica, you can consume brocchiu in such dishes as pastries, soups, salads and omelettes. Brocchiu is frequently used in vegetarian dishes and it is also frequently accompanying red wine.

It will not be a problem for you to get a package of Brocchiu cheese and bring it home. Again, even though you might find it in your home supermarkets, the locally produced cheese is always more delicious.

A jar of chestnut jam

Many people living outside areas with warm climate have never even tried chestnuts. Even though some countries are trying to import this popular Mediterranean product, it is not a particularly successful task and you can see yourself why. In many cases, the chestnuts available in supermarkets are prone to getting spoilt pretty quickly. At the same time, their price can be rather high.

This does not change the fact chestnuts are simply delicious no matter whether they are consumed as a part of a dish or separately.

In case you love chestnuts, you are definitely happy about the possibility of enjoying this product while you are in Corsica. Fortunately, you can prolong your joy by bringing chestnuts home.

The best way to do is purchasing a jar of chestnut jam. It is actually the most recommended form in which you can give chestnuts as a present.

First of all, chestnut jam has a way more longer lifespan than the time for which raw chestnuts will remain edible. Secondly, you will be able to find this product in the shops during the entire year, whereas raw chestnuts are available only during particular seasons. Finally, many people are not particularly successful in cooking chestnuts even though it is a relatively easy task. Of course, people without any prior experience might not succeed in this task and it will be very sad since the entire portion of chestnuts might get spoiled. That is why, they will enjoy the delicious creamy taste of chestnuts without any hassle if you give them a jar of the chestnut jam.

By the way, they ways in which this product can be consumed arte countless since chestnuts are used in both sweet and salty dishes.