More ideas for yummy gifts from Corsica

One of the best ways to let your family and friends get a taste of the destination you have just come from is buying giving them edible gifts of locally manufactured products. This is especially true when it comes to Corsica since this island has a variety of absolutely delicious goods and a large number of them can be easily transported to your home country.

We have already explored some of the most typical products one can get home from Corsica in the previous article. Here, you will find even more great ideas.

Local ham

In case you are in Corsica right now, you have certainly had a chance of tasting the delicious ham offered by local manufacturers. In fact, the ham produced in Corsica as well as Corsican-styled ham is regarded is one of the European delicacies and it can be found around the grocery shops located far from France. Yet, just like it is in the case of any other goods, purchasing the local products will give you the most of their taste.

If there are any meet-eaters around your family and friends, they will certainly be happy to get a package of genuine Corsican ham as a gift.


In case there is a fan of cheesecakes is waiting for your return home, you certainly should bring fiadone to this person.

If you have already got acquainted with the Corsican cuisine, you are certainly aware of the fact brocciu is one of the major types of cheese consumed on the island. There is nothing surprising in the fact the same cheese is used for producing the traditional Corsican cheesecakes fiadone. Of course, this particular type of cheese which can rarely be found in the foreign supermarkets, has a whole composition of amazing flavours which are making the dish unique. Indeed, brocciu is a particularly fatty type of cheese with the average amount of fat of 50%. In addition to it, brocciu has an intensive creamy, milky and somewhat sweet taste which makes any dish it is added to extremely delicious. Your family and friends will absolutely enjoy this Corsican sweet treat.

Myrtle liqueur

One of the exclusive Corsican goods which can hardly be purchased anywhere else is mirto. Mirto is another word for myrtle liqueur. Actually, it is also produced and consumed on some other Mediterranean islands such as Sardinia and Capraia.

As you can imagine, the name of the liquor comes from the myrtle plant which is the basis of this beverage. Interestingly, the beverage includes not only berries of the myrtle plant but also its leaves. As a result, the brewing process of these ingredients creates a highly complex mixture of nutrients and spicy flavours.

Unlike many other alcoholic beverages, myrtle liquor is rather unpopular in the locations other than the places where it is produced. This certainly makes it a perfect present for a person who would like to get something exclusive from your trip to Corsica. Needless to say, it is a great idea to purchase a bottle of myrtle liqueur for yourself as well.

Charcuterie board

The name of this product might be a bit confusing as it actually comprises a number of different products on the board which is a popular form of a snack on the island of Corsica. Charcuterie usually includes several types of cheese, ham and sausages as well as special biscuits.

You can find a variety of charcuterie boards and bring them to your family or friends as a gift or just as a treat to share together during one of your meetings. Apart from being a satiating and delicious form of a snack, a charcuterie board is also a perfect addition to a session of relishing your favourite wines. By the way, it goes perfectly with a wide range of different wines.

What’s about bringing a Corsican cookbook?

One of the great gifts from Corsica for the people who love cooking and are also crazy about collecting books is a Corsican cookbook. Undeniably, there is nothing difficult in finding a recipe for many dishes online today, however, having a physical copy of a book filled with fantastic photos of the traditional Corsican dishes is particularly inspiring.

Of course, the variety of such books available on the market is great, but you should make sure the one you pick will include such dishes as beignets, Veal with olives as well as Corsican lamb.