Reasons to visit Corsica

If you are picking a place to spend your next vacations, you should certainly pay your attention to Corsica which is a beautiful island located between Italy and France and embracing both of the cultures of these countries offering its visitors ultimate travelling experience.

Corsica is a fusion of cultures and cuisines

If you are looking for some unique cultural experience, Corsica is one of the best places for you. That is so since this island has a combination of cultures with a strong influence from Italy and France. While this can be noticed in many areas of Corsicans’ lives, one of the most crucial things is their multinational cuisine.

There are so many amazing dishes available on the island cooked with a perfect mixture of cuisines, however, the French touch is more domineering here. In any way, this is a place where foodies will have a great time whether it is while exploring local restaurants ore during trips to markets offering fresh vegetables, fruit, meats and cheeses.

Corsica’s fascinating history

History is probably one of the most crucial attractions of Corsica. The island itself is covered with fantastic old towns and villages where a great variety of impressive old buildings still remain. Needless to say, walking through the streets of such buildings can give you an absolutely unique feeling that is certainly worth visiting this country even outside the sunbathing season.

Yet, this place also offers a lot for exploration since it was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. In addition to it, the island had a very turbulent history as it was occupied by four different nations which were Germany, Italy, France and the UK.

You can imagine how many curious facts you can learn about this unique place.

Corsica is a perfect place for yachting

If you are crazy about yachting, Corsica will be a great choice for you as there are many companies allowing you to rent a boat and it is very popular here. The whole yachting experience is itself immense while Corsica also has its magnificent landscapes, hidden bays, exciting marine dwellers such as dolphins and whales and also unique towns that can be reached only by water.

Corsica is the best for hiking

You might be aware of the curious history of Corsica especially due to the fact this was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, however, it might not be a well-known fact to you that Corsica is one of the top destinations for hiking in the entire world. There is nothing surprising about that since the entire island is covered by amazing trails with their exclusive personality. In fact, the majority of hiking trails of Corsica are going through old picturesque villages as well as through magnificent rock foundations which is making the overall process of hiking absolutely unforgettable.

On top of that, one of the world’s most beautiful hiking trail known as GR20 is also located in Corsica. That is why if you would like to hike, Corsica should be at the beginning of your list of destinations.

Corsica’s fantastic nature

While you are certainly aware of the fact the beaches of Corsica are simply terrific and now you have also learnt about the picturesque hiking trails of Corsica, but you might still not know this place has a very rich marine life that is worth exploration.

As it has been mentioned, you can reach out for yachting in order to get closer to the diverse marine life of Corsica, however, there are special places where the probability of spotting sea animals, especially dolphins and whales is particularly high. This place is known as The Pelagos Sanctuary and this is where you want to go as this gigantic sanctuary is a home to a variety of amazing species.

Corsica has a very rich cultural life

Even though Corsica is pretty small, it has so many to offer to any kid of visitors. Every year, you have a chance to attend absolutely fantastic events whether they are music concerts and festivals, massive art exhibitions or other special celebrations. For instance, Corsica has its own celebration of local wine where you will have a fantastic chance to explore the local production of this amazing alcohol beverage. In addition to it, there are multiple food fairs presenting local production of cheese and other food to their visitors.